INOX LEISURE is media and entertainment stock listed in Bombay stock exchange and National stock exchange. In this article, we will take a look INOX LEISURE Technical & Fundamental Analysis.

Fundamental Analysis:

INOX opened 3 new theaters/multiplexes and cinema screens .

About shareholding pattern, Promoters holds 47% of share, General public 52% stake in INOX Leisure.

It has total of 150 Multiplexes, and 637 Screens in 69 Cities.

Alok Tandon is the current CEO of the company.

Company posted revenue of INR 1,897.44 in last financial year.

INOX Group is worth of USD $3billion in value as per their company site.

Following are major companies of INOX Group:

Gujarat Flurochemicals Limited: It is one of the largest synthetic flouropolymer in India.

INOX Air products limited: It is one of the largest industrial gas company in India, with 50:50 Joint venture along with Air Products Incorporation.

Inox India Limited : It is India’s biggest cryogenic technology firm. It became largest produces of Cryogenic liquid storage. Additionally, they transport tanks in India. They are a reputed supplier to leading commercial Gas Companies across the world.

Inox Renewable Limited : It deals with installation of wind farms. Their win turbines offers 1.65 MW to10 MW energy. On the global scale, more than 15000MW capacity is installed in various regions.

INOX Multiplex chain Inox Leisure on posted a combined net loss of Rs 67.83 crore for September quarter according to 5th November 2020 reports.

Technical Analysis:

Share price of INOX Leisure is trading at Rs343 currently. Stock has been in consolidation for long time. So break out is possible in either directions. You can trade in INOX LEISURE from one of the discounted top listed brokers in India.

No major observation in Candle stick pattern as stock is consolidating for long time. Stock looks bullish from fundamental point of view, rather than technical view point.

INOX LEISURE Technical & Fundamental Analysis

Significant cross-over is seen at level of Rs284 onwards 4th January 2021.

The price shot up more than 20%, since first week of January 2021.

Highest accumulation can be seen at Rs 243 levels as per following graph.


52 high of the stock INOX LEISURE is Rs511.80 and 52 week is Rs. 158.14


INOX LEISURE is good company with strong reputation considering it’s other subsidiaries like INOX WIND. Companies like INOX Wind can be a good investment looking at the long term energy requirements in futre.

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