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How to Avoid loss in stock market

Below are some useful tips that will help to avoid loss in stock market

  • Immediately sell the shares when they go below 1 point to their actual rate when market opens.
  • Get in early in morning and switch to International news to check if there is any negative news like poor budget, natural calamity, raise in interest or repo rates, news related to bankruptcy.
  • Check the share market index during opening of share market. If it goes too high or too low, then don’t make purchase on that day as market will remain volatile for the day in such scenarios.
  • Check if any news related to resignation of Prime minister, President or company chairmain. They effect a lot.

Generalized way to Predict pattern Stock market

You will be thinking that whether stock market is predictable or not. Because Everyone want to earn money from it. So let me unveil secret, Yes stock market is 100% predictable if you are in real time. 

Stock market is based on two things, one is fundamental things  and another is technical trends. Fundamentals things like financial news, profit-loss to company or bankruptcy of company etc.

Technical trend means, you can identify some trends based on pricing ratio of a share in last week or last month. 

All what I said doesn’t required rocket science. As I said in my previous blog post, you have to be good in numbers and good with people.

hope this helps,

How farmer is related to stock market

Farmer is the root of the all the activities that happens in business and service across the globe. The productivity of their crops or livestock is directly proportional to stock market. Let us see how that farmer help Poultry company.

Poultry Farms: Poultry farms are maintained and owned by farmers. Farmers are paid some commission by companies for using farm. In the other words, farmers get rent to raise the poultry.  In addition, farmers are aid with Poultry vaccines and all the other related food and related drugs. So right from birth and sell of poultry in retail market, it is totally dependent on the farmers efforts. It is directly proportional to how farmers raise the poultry. 

So better quality of Poultry results in better company’s earning in each channels, (farmers, poultry rates, transport, and retail agents). In stock market, profit making company always make good share capital in stock markets, resulting handsome profit for shareholders.

Poultry is just one of the example, similar each and every company that is related to farming has direct relation to stock market profit and loss.
Hope this was useful.

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