Global Market News and Analysis 9th April 2024

9th April 2024, saw global markets reacting to economic indicators and geopolitical events.

In the US, the stock market closed mixed, with marginal gains in S&P 500 and Nasdaq but a slight decline in the Dow Jones.

Technology stocks like Apple and Microsoft remained resilient despite concerns over inflation and Federal Reserve policy.

European markets followed a similar trend, with FTSE 100 down slightly, while DAX and CAC 40 saw modest gains amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Asian markets performed positively, driven by strong economic data from China, particularly robust export figures.

The US dollar remained stable, while the euro experienced volatility due to geopolitical tensions.

The Japanese yen and Chinese yuan strengthened against the US dollar today, 9th April 2024.

Oil prices saw a slight decline amid ongoing discussions among major oil-producing nations.

Gold prices remained steady as investors sought safe-haven assets amidst geopolitical uncertainties.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine and US-China relations continued to impact global markets.

The interconnectedness of economic data, geopolitical dynamics, and investor sentiment underscores the complexity of the global market landscape.

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