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How to make profit in stock market

    1. During upward run, Market price should go at least 2 times back and forth.
    2. RSI should be in uptrend  direction
    3. MACD indicator should be below baseline and in upward trend.
    4. Stochastic oscillator should be at bottom near 20%  in uptrend direction.
    5. Volume indicator should be at least  10 times higher than average volume at least once in last 15 calendar dates.
    6. Sell if 10% profit of net sell amount is incurred in 3 days.
    7. Accumulate Buy at each 5 points until price falls and stop once it stables.
    8. Buy at lowest possible rate 2 days before Company’s annual/quarter financial results to get maximum profit in dividend.
    9. Company should have consistent history of dividend each year.
    10. Price of stock should be under average price ratio of last 2 years.

Vedanta Technical Analysis

Vedanta has fallen drastically on February 1. It’s the largest mining and non-ferrous metals business in India and has mining operations in Australia and Zambia and oil and gas operations in three nations.

Although despite several speculations, we believe this is really good time to buy Vendanta share. If you observe the historical lowest price of Vendanta, it is Rs 70 and despite having unstable price momentum, we believe this share will boost in future.