Month: April 2019

Apr 23

Avanti Feeds Technical Analysis

Avanti feeds is a market leader in fish food and has more than 25+ years of experience in industry. Looking at the last year closing price of Avanti Feeds, chart looks stable and prospective.   Currently trading at the price of Rs388, it is not a bad price to start accumulation of the shares. Avanti […]
Apr 9

JSW Steel Technical Analysis

Following is the Technical trend line of JSW Steel for last three months. As you can see in following charts, there are positions marked for Buy price orders. This stock has shows good trend for Intra-day and short buyers. JSW steel has been trending up and down in the ballpark of 285-290. We can clearly […]
Apr 6

Tata Motors Technical Analysis

Tata motors rise more than 20% in past 3 months. It may continue to do so if all the EV motors deliveries happens on time. Due to the components and batteries required for EV motors productions, deliveries are currently delayed for EV trucks and buses. However in response to stock exchange, company has assured that […]

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