Month: May 2020

SGX stocks list
May 31

Singapore Exchange(SGX) Top 10 Volume Shockers 28th May 2020

Following is the list of securities from Singapore exchange having day volume spiked over 10-day Average volume. The data is collected from SGX official website and report is dated 28th May 2020. Stock Code Stock Name Last Price (S$) Volume(K) Last Price Change 1J5 Hyphens pharma 0.315 28,843 16.7% EB5 First Resources 1.370 5,418 […]
NIFTY May 17th to May 25
May 24

3 Interesting Stocks For Upcoming Week

Following is the list of the stocks that I feel interesting to watch this week considering their data and chart. I have highlighted the max pain areas where you can see the surge in price and volume. SHREECEM: For SHREECEM, There is a clear VWAP and Supertrend cross over with huge buy volume on 25th […]
May 21

Profitable deep OTM in BankNifty

The positional options and futures are highly rewarding in the current market. As an example, take a look at the 15000 PE option in Indian Bank Nifty Currently, it is trading at the rate. To buy, this option, an individual has to spend INR 200, i.e $4 only. The market is already trading near 17000 […]

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