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Apr 1

Truth behind share market trend indicator

In this article, we will see what is the real truth behind share market trend indicators. If you don’t know about share market indicators then just Google keyword “share market indicators”  and you will find lot of useful stuff. In short, share market indicator are trend based indicator. They provide some idea of whether price […]
Mar 14

How to Avoid loss in stock market

Below are some useful tips that will help to avoid loss in stock market Immediately sell the shares when they go below 1 point to their actual rate when market opens. Get in early in morning and switch to International news to check if there is any negative news like poor budget, natural calamity, raise […]
Mar 11

Generalized way to Predict pattern Stock market

You will be thinking that whether stock market is predictable or not. Because Everyone want to earn money from it. So let me unveil secret, Yes stock market is 100% predictable if you are in real time.  Stock market is based on two things, one is fundamental things  and another is technical trends. Fundamentals things […]
Mar 1

How farmer is related to stock market

Farmer is the root of the all the activities that happens in business and service across the globe. The productivity of their crops or livestock is directly proportional to stock market. Let us see how that farmer help Poultry company. Poultry Farms: Poultry farms are maintained and owned by farmers. Farmers are paid some commission […]
Feb 21

Various Skills required for Stock market analysis

To efficiently perform stock market analysis, one should work on following areas Mathematics: Mathematics is a base of the stock market. You will frequently need to perform lots of calculations in  your mind when you are trading in stock market. If you are not in touch with mathematics, then you can simply buy academics books […]
Feb 16

Do you know Basic principle of share market trading?

Below are very basic fundamental rules in stock markets. 1) Never take a loan or borrow money from someone if you want play in stock market or If you would like to invest money in stock market. Always buy stock from you available money. 2) Don’t purchase the share if you don’t have enough finance […]
Feb 14

How to pick up companies for stock purchase and trend analysis

You would currently see many sites providing the stock market analysis and related trend information these days. Its easy to watch the video and learn from them but when you would start actually buying a share, you would definitely come up with a question that how the hell I would know which company I should […]
Feb 13

Feature Topic – Software & Services Sector Listings on Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Software & Services (a sub-sector of Information Technology) constitutes about 5% of all listed companies on HKEx. As of 31 December 2014, there are 86 Software & Services companies listed on HKEx, including 52 Mainland enterprises, 28 Hong Kong companies, 1 Macau company and 5 international companies (Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Canada and US). The average […]
Feb 7

Nepal Stock Exchange listed companies

Below is list of companies that are listed under Nepal Stock Exchange Agricultural Development Bank Ltd Bank of Kathmandu Civil Bank Ltd CBL Century Commercial Bank Ltd. Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal Ltd. Citizens Bank International Limit Everest Bank Ltd Global IME Bank Limited Grand Bank Nepal Ltd. Himalayan Bank Ltd. Janata Bank Nepal Ltd. […]
Feb 7

Indonesia Stock Exchange listed companies

Below is the partial list of companies that are listed under Indonesia Stock Exchange PT Bank Yudha Bhakti Tbk. PT Blue Bird Tbk PT Batavia Prosperindo Internasional Tbk PT Graha Layar Prima Tbk. PT Bali Towerindo Sentra Tbk. PT Bank Ina Perdana Tbk.   PT Bank Maspion Indonesia Tbk. PT Bank Mestika Dharma Tbk. Pelayaran Nasional […]

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