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Tata Motors Technical Analysis

Tata motors historical
Tata motors historical

Tata motors rise more than 20% in past 3 months. It may continue to do so if all the EV motors deliveries happens on time. Due to the components and batteries required for EV motors productions, deliveries are currently delayed for EV trucks and buses. However in response to stock exchange, company has assured that deliveries will happens phase wise as soon as the components will arrive on time and pass the quality marks.


With thorough consideration is is recommend that Tata motors is good buy at the price of ball park of 190-210. It may slide down due to delivery delays but company has been always committed to deliver.


Technical analysis of Yes Bank

Yes Bank has posted Revenue of 7,231.23 and Net profiot 964.70 Crores. Yes bank has been one one of the leading bank in Indian Banking Markets. 

Currently share price of Yes Bank is trading at all time Lows and although bank is really recovering after last week stock market crash. So it is good time to invest money.

How Monsoon affects Indian stock market

Indian monsoon season is approaching. Indian meteorological (weather) department announced the possibility of only 88% rainfall for the year 2015. With this being said, it will affect mostly on vegetables, fruits, cereal and grains. Since there will be less rainfall, the production of crops would be low and it will directly impact the supply of the food and agriculture.

At this stage, it is difficult to say that this prediction will most likely be true because it all depends on geological environment . However it is best to keep away froma food and beverages production companies is share market. Another reason most of companies, announced their dividend in May 2015 and next dividend will be around October. So its a tight situation in Indian stock market.

How farmer is related to stock market

Farmer is the root of the all the activities that happens in business and service across the globe. The productivity of their crops or livestock is directly proportional to stock market. Let us see how that farmer help Poultry company.

Poultry Farms: Poultry farms are maintained and owned by farmers. Farmers are paid some commission by companies for using farm. In the other words, farmers get rent to raise the poultry.  In addition, farmers are aid with Poultry vaccines and all the other related food and related drugs. So right from birth and sell of poultry in retail market, it is totally dependent on the farmers efforts. It is directly proportional to how farmers raise the poultry. 

So better quality of Poultry results in better company’s earning in each channels, (farmers, poultry rates, transport, and retail agents). In stock market, profit making company always make good share capital in stock markets, resulting handsome profit for shareholders.

Poultry is just one of the example, similar each and every company that is related to farming has direct relation to stock market profit and loss.
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