Luxembourg Stock Exchange Guide 2020

Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Feb 29

Luxembourg Stock Exchange Guide 2020

Luxembourg stock exchange’s core business is listing and trading securities. Luxembourg stock exchange is the first and only one in the world to have a platform that only showcases green social and sustainable projects. These green social and sustainable securities are bonds and investment funds that raise money to finance green social and sustainability. Luxembourg […]
Global market analysis 27th feb 2020
Feb 27

Global Stock Market Analysis 27th Feb 2020

Good morning traders. Let us look at some of the interesting stocks and facts for the day. After making up and down rides during the day, the Dow is running at a negative price at -250. Most importantly, Brent crude has fallen to the level of $52 per barrel. Additionally, In US SAP, the energy […]
Feb 26

Global Stock Market Analysis 26th Feb 2020

Good morning traders. Following is some of the chart analysis of 26th February 2020.Infosys Infosys has been following uptrend and if it comes below 790 then it is a good buy position Tata Power Company limited We can see the trend reversal after a big downtrend move. The buy and target range can be seen […]
Feb 20

Global market analysis 20th Feb 2020

Good morning traders, we had a very good rally last day. The yesterday’s bank nifty data shows short-covering in CE and short build-up in PE as we can see the price of 30800 CE per below historical chart from nseindia website 30800 CE 30800 pe – Following statistics shows an increase in OI and a […]
Feb 19

Global Stock Market Analysis 19022020

Good Morning Asian traders. It is an interesting bank nifty in the Indian stock market, as banks recovered yesterday’s low siting the meeting of Finance minister with the industrialist. In the global cue, the market Dow and the rest of the US market have recovered from yesterday’s abyss. It is a good positive signal for […]
global stock market analysis
Feb 11

Global Stock Market Analysis 11 Feb 2020

The coronavirus death toll has reached 1000. However, the mortality rate estimate is 1%. It means, out of 100 infected coronavirus patients, only one person has a probability of death. This is lower than other deadly viruses like ebola where the mortality rate is 70%. In India, New Delhi election results will little impact stock […]
Luxembourg stock exchange listed securities
Jan 4

Luxembourg Stock Exchange Listed Companies

The following are the listed securities under the Luxembourg stock exchange. It was captured from the Luxembourg stock exchange on 4th January 2020. You may visit Luxembourg exchange website for more latest details AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT BANK OF CHINA BEIJING ENTERPRISES WATER (CHINA) INVESTMENT LIMITED BEIJING ENTERPRISES WATER GROUP LIMITED CECEP WIND-POWER CORPORATION CENTURY CONCORD […]
2019 2nd quarter report of Indian stock market companies
Nov 8

Stock Market Profit & Loss Report

The attached report contains profit and loss figures of Indian stock market companies. The results are unaudited and may variate with actual numbers. Following is the list of the companies that were analyzed. The profit and loss amount of the following companies. The report can be downloaded with the following link. ArcelorMittal UCO Bank IndraPrastha […]
Oct 18

What new Brexit deal has been agreed upon?

The new Brexit agreement has come to reach with the UK and the European Union. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland together will come out of the European Union. The four English regions will together have control of the UK’s border. Additionally, they will form their free trade policies without having interventions of other European […]