In this article, we will walk through fundamentals and technical information of Cipla. Cipla is a large pharmaceutical company in India. It has tied up with more than 100 companies across the globe.


Cipla has a business partnership with Roche, which is a swiss based company. Roche produces medicines like Actemra used to cure arthritis.

During corona pandemic, it is observed that patiences who are taking Actemra has better chances of recovery than those who didn’t take Actemra. It is likelihood that Roche will get certain profits from Actemra.

Cipla have developed Covid-19 detection kit and available to retail consumers.

Currently, Cipla is trading at the 834 level, which is 1% higher than the previous closing day.


Cipla Technical Chart shows short-term downtrend movement, but on a longer time frame, it appears bullish.

CIPLA Fundamentals and Technical Analysis

Cipla was trading around 820 until up trend movement started from yesterday. There was some profit booking after rally and it is expected to be bullish until there is any negative news about Cipla.

Cipla posted 174.8 billion INR revenue in the recently and it is owned by Yusuf Hamied (follower of Mahatma Gandhi)

CIpla face value is Rs2 in National Stock Exchange of India.

Current VWAP level is 838. Cipla touched 52 high today on 8th, Jan 2020. The 52 low is 355

The latest dividend allocated by Cipla is Rs3.

In third quarter, Cipla posted total income of Rs 3,80,789.00

The profit before tax was Rs1,01,765.00

The net profit was Rs 4,564.00

The major buy volume appears at 830-840 level. So any break out will eventually come after crossing 850 level.

As of this writing, Cipla has 49 jobs opening across various cities in India. This is good sign that even during pandemic companies like Cipla are hiring new employees.

Cipla Shareholding pattern: Total number of promoters are 9.

Promoters & Promoters group: 36.7%

Public: 63.30%

Shares hold my employees trust: NIL

CIPLA’s  Depository Receipts are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Cipla’s Subsidiaries:

  • CiplaHealth
  • Cipla Quality Chemicals Industries Limited.
  • Cipla USA Inc.
  • Cipla Medpro South Africa.
  • Medispray Laboratories.
  • Meditab Specialities Pvt Ltd.
  • Cipla Kenya Limited.
  • Cipla Canada Inc.
  • Cipla Holding B.V.
  • Goldencross Pharma Limited

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