In the stock market, people use special tools to understand how prices of things like company shares change. One of these tools is called a “Moving Average.” It’s like a helpful friend that tells us whether prices are going up or down.

Meet the Moving Averages

Moving Averages come in different types. We’ll talk about the 20 Moving Average, the 50 Moving Average, and the 200 Moving Average. Each of these friends has a job to help us determine what’s happening with the prices.

– 20 Moving Average (Short-Term Friend): This friend pays attention to the prices of the last 20 days. It’s like looking at the weather today and yesterday to guess what it might be like tomorrow. This friend helps us know if prices are changing quickly.

– 50 Moving Average (Middle-Term Friend): Imagine this friend looks at the weather over the last 50 days. It’s like looking at the temperature for a whole month. This friend helps us understand if prices increase or decrease over time.

– 200 Moving Average (Long-Term Friend): This friend looks at the weather over a long time, like almost a whole year. Just like you remember what seasons are usually warm or cold, this friend helps us see the bigger picture of whether prices rise or fall in the long run.

What These Friends Do

– Finding Trends: These friends help us know if prices are going up, down, or staying the same. Imagine watching how many times your friend does a jump in a game. If they jump a lot, you know they’re excited. The Moving Averages help us see if prices are keen, too.

– Giving Signals: These friends tell us exciting things when they meet. Prices might change a lot if the short-term friend (20) meets the middle-term friend (50) significantly. And if the middle-term friend (50) meets the long-term friend (200) differently, it could show that prices could go in a new direction.

– Helping Us Decide: These friends are like guides. They tell us when it might be a good time to buy or sell something. If they say prices are going up, you should buy. But if they say prices are decreasing, you might think about selling.


Imagine the Moving Averages as friends who tell us stories about how prices act in the stock market. Each friend looks at a different time, helping us understand short-term excitement, medium-term changes, and long-term trends. These friends work together to give us hints about what might happen next. Like friends helping you make good choices in a game, Moving Averages help traders and investors make wise choices in the stock market game!

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