Below are list  of companies that are listed under Mauritius Stock Exchange
The Anglo Mauritius Assurance Society Ltd

ABC Motors Company Limited

Associated Commercial Company Limited

Chemco Ltd

Compagnie Immobiliere Limitee

Bychemex Ltd

Forges Tardieu Limited

Les Gaz Industriels Ltée

Livestock Feed Limited (Ordinary)

Livestock Feed Limited (Preference)

Les Moulins de la Concorde Ltee (Ordinary)

Les Moulins de la Concorde Ltee (Preference)

Mauritius Cosmetics Limited

Margarine Industries Limited

Mauritius Secondary Industries Ltd

Quality Beverages Limited

Soap & Allied Industries Limited

Société de Développement Industriel et Agricole Limitée

Vital Water Bottling Co Ltd

Bharat Telecom Ltd

Ascencia Limited (Class A shares)

Ascencia Limited (Class B shares)

ENL Investment Limited

ENL Limited (Preference shares)

Excelsior United Development Companies Limited

Forward Investment And Development Enterprises Limited

Phoenix Investment Company Limited

RHT Holding Ltd

United Investments Ltd

Constance Hotels Services Limited

Morning Light Co Ltd

Southern Cross Tourist Company Limited

Tropical Paradise Co Ltd (Ordinary)

Tropical Paradise Co Ltd (Preference)

Shumba Coal Limited
Cargohub Capital Ltd

CIEL Textile Ltd

Hotelest Limited

Medical And Surgical Centre Limited

Mauritius Freeport Development Company Ltd

SIT Land Holdings Ltd (Options)
Novus Properties Ltd

Constance La Gaiete Company Limited

Medine Ltd (Ordinary)

The Union Sugar Estates Co Ltd

United Bus Service Ltd

United Investments Ltd

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