To efficiently perform stock market analysis, one should work on following areas

  • Mathematics: Mathematics is a base of the stock market. You will frequently need to perform lots of calculations in  your mind when you are trading in stock market. If you are not in touch with mathematics, then you can simply buy academics books of 6th 7th, 8th and 9th standard students. They all have ration and percentage questions and equations. You don’t even need to study the books of 9th grade. If you can easily remember all mathematical percentage formulas then you will hardly lose money in stock market. 
  • General knowledge: Please keep reading daily newspapers, especially economics times or business newspapers. They are full of corporate and government policy news. They will help to select right company share when you want to trade in stock market
  • Family: This is the most important: While trading in stock market, your mind will always be under lot of expectation like rise of share price. Such things incurs lots of mental tension and hence you will need to regularly get indulge in your family activities like outing, playing with kids. This will help you remain calm during the stock market crash.

hope this helps

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