NIFTY May 17th to May 25

Following is the list of the stocks that I feel interesting to watch this week considering their data and chart. I have highlighted the max pain areas where you can see the surge in price and volume.

  1. SHREECEM: For SHREECEM, There is a clear VWAP and Supertrend cross over with huge buy volume on 25th May 2020. If the stock price sustains near 19000, then the market can support further rally.

2) Kotak Bank: Kotak bank is another stock where we can see the clear VWWAP and Supertrend cross over before market closing hours. It is difficult to speculate about the support and resistance level for bank stocks due to the corona situation.

3) Maruti: Maruti is the last stock that I would be keenly watching this week. A retail trader would be highly interested in long and short near circled areas where tremendous buying has occurred and built the expectations for retail investors.

Disclaimer: The aforementioned stocks are based on personal research and I do not recommend any buying or selling. You will be responsible for profit and loss from your actions.

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