Stocks To Watch For 13th November 2020

The market capital is of Opto circuits is 180 crore (Indian rupees). The Syncom formulation is 125 crore, which is almost 70 percent of the Opto Circuit market capital. Syncom formulation is profitable than the Opto Circuit company. Opto Circuits did not issue dividends in the last eight years. Opto Circuits prepare medical equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Electric cars, E-commerce, and 5g technology are good for future investing. Heidelberg India Cement Limited is a futuristic stock. It has the potential to grow. Heidelberg Cement is one of the leading manufacturers of building materials across the globe. It produces Slag cement and Pozzoland cement. The company is named Mycem on stock exchanges. If the stock closes above 200, we may expect a rally and accumulate when it falls below 200. It is a small-cap company, with a market capital of 135 crores. The company could be the next multi-bagger as it has risen to 300% percent in the last quarter.

Looking at Bank Nifty trends, it is looking weak. The market already rallied after the President-elect news. The current Nifty range is 12550 to 12750. Anything above and below will require a higher volume break on support and resistance levels. Bank Nifty is trading in the range of 28000 levels. Anything above or lower-level break will require high volume or strong news from the market.  ICICI bank looks weak and advisable to monitor closely.

Japanese market looks positive, and Alibaba posted net sales of $78 billion for the current year compared to $34bn last year. In the USA, Newyork has posted restrictions to close restaurants by 10 pm to limit coronavirus cases. The gold prices seem weak due to the strong dollar value. The volatility index is still high due to election news and President-elect Joe Biden’s new policy. The market is awarding professional investors and traders who have a good understanding of chaotic attractors in the trading system.

For 13th November 2020, Manappuram and Torrent Power can show some volatility. Additionally, the Tourism corporate finance of India might be helpful for long term investment as it is trading near the book value. Holding and accumulating few stocks over the month and selling them post, Covid-19, can be beneficial in long-term investment. 

Zee business is another stock that might work tomorrow due to the lack of competition in the segment. Ajanta Pharma looks positive as the Covid-19 vaccine is expected to arrive soon, considering the vaccine results. However, in case of stock does not sustain a level of 1500, then it could drag its previous rallied points. Because of Pfizer vaccine news, many other pharma companies are getting advantages despite been there is no news on these particular stocks. We can keenly watch stocks like Lincoln Pharma. Lincoln Pharm has bounced from 210 level, and if it sustains this level, a rally might follow. The 235 is a crucial level to watch out for. 

In summary, we might see unexpected news like 3rd trial results from Moderna. It will be a game-changer, and all traders are eying for Moderna’s vaccine test outcome. 

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