Bajaj Finserv Technical Analysis - Investment Portfolio Construction

In this article, We will analyze Bajaj Finserv stock to build a profitable portfolio, and also pivot technical analysis. Quarterly Compounding Average Returns is at 1.435366.


Bajaj Finserve lists under NIFTY as well as under Finance category Sector. Let us look at indicators and charts levels.


Bajaj Finserve is extremely bullish uppwer trend since July 22nd 2021. The stock one of the strongest stock in Nifty considering the annual returns


Bajaj Finserv VWAP is currently at the 13198 levels, with strong volume support.


The SuperTrend level is 13708.04 using 10, 2 SuperTrend settings

Bollinger Bonds

The Upper Bollinger band level is 14200, and the Lower level is 12384. The mean ratio is 13478.

52 Week Low – High
Bajaj Finserv  52 Week week low is 5,400.00. The 52 week high is 13,844.95.


The Bajaj Finserve has strong support near Rs 12400, and we can see the first retracement level up to 13200.


Currently, The stock is in higher bullish movement, so it is hard to analyze Resistance levels. It is breaking all high from last one week.

Pivot Value

The key pivot value is 12718.65. It can be also considering as the stop loss when investing for the longer term. Also if you are adding Bajaj Finserve into your financial portfolio, then you can enter small positions at pivot values.

Entry LevelsQTYExit/Target LevelsStop Loss
Bajaj Finserve Investment Portfolio Entry/Exit Levels


The Bajaj Finserv Net Revenue from last quarter is 228.90 crore.


The Bajaj Finserv Face value is 5.00 .


The stock Bajaj Finserv Full Market Capital is 2,67,105 crore.


Bajaj Finserv is listed under Holding financial industry.


The Bajaj Finserv belongs to group index A in the Bombay stock exchange.


Bajaj Finserv is part of the S&P BSE Sensex Index Group.


Bajaj Finserve is a great stock to add to a profitable investment portfolio. Enter with small trades. You can use VWAP, Pivot Value, or Support level as a stop loss. The stock is also a nice fit for Intraday or BTST. Suggested target levels are minimum Rs.500.

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