Global Stock Market Analysis 7th May 2021

Asian markets along with the Indian stock market were neutral due to the surge in Covid.

Nasdaq, S&P500, and Dow Jones were positive due to positive US job data.

Vedanta shares price recovering from the abyss as it touched a high of 290 today. Last year Vedanta was trading lower than Rs150 per share.

In India, Most of the Metal stocks did pretty well majorly National Aluminum, Jindal Steel as they rose more than 3%.

HDFC twin results will determine Monday’s market mood in Indian stock exchange NSE, & BSE.

In the UK stock market, SAF Holland rose 7.24%, and H C Slingsby PLC rose 21.28%.

Australia ASX 200 was also up, and SSR Mining Inc shined with an 8.05% change.

India’s telecommunication sector expecting revival as 5G communication trials begin, the exception being no Chinese companies will be part of the trials.

US – Iran nuclear deal on the road to revival as the 4th round of high-level discussion begins. A positive outcome will bring the world stock market index to new levels.

On the same nuclear note, Azerbaijani Ministry issued a warning that the Metsamor nuclear reactor in Armenia, is dangerous and should be close down immediately.

Adidas expecting around a 50% jump in the second quarter, especially in teen segments, despite the China boycott. Upcoming sports events like the Olympics will demand more sports shoes and accessories.

Video game companies will be good investments as new games like New Pokeman Snap are storming the market.

Japan continues the state of emergency until May 31. Because of this, Japan will have only two months before July 23, the start of the Tokyo Olympics.

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