Global Stock Market 2nd November 2020

US Election is less than 24 hours away, and hence there is an evident uncertainty in the market. The National stock exchange and Bombay stock exchange sentiments are seemed to be Positive because RIL & ICICI posted fairly average numbers,

Auto Numbers for Hero & Maruti are average, and Hero motorcycles are predicted to be bullish for specific periods. GST Collection has crossed the 1 L Mark, which means companies can pay their borrowed money, bullish news for the Government.
So the Indian Bank nifty and Nifty markets have all the right recipe for gaining momentum. But we need to be careful as US elections are going to happen in less than 24 hours. Investors probably look to pump funds at large. VIX has become a vital factor. It may stay at the same level or go higher or lower than the last closing date.

The critical stock stocks to watch out for today are HDFC, NTPC, and Zee entertainment. These are key large-cap and mid-cap stocks that might outperform or underperform in the stock market today.

Maruti Suzuki has total sales of 18.9% compared to last year. Domestic sales have been 19.8% on Year year performance basis. It is a powerful show by Maruti considering global locks due to covid -19.

Hero Motorcopr sales have been 35% in October and gain the highest monthly sales in the last decade. So the key factors to look at finding the companies who are the ancillary suppliers to Maruti and Hero Motor Corp and also who is the supplier for Hyundai. Reliance is expecting a further lower decline in interest costs. Reliance company also informed that their retail activities are near to pre-covid levels. For the automobile industry, it will be interesting to see how Indian companies handle the global competition of electric vehicles and transport that runs entirely on the battery.

Meaning chinas export orders continue to improve despite the new coronavirus cases. However, there is a risk in the coming month because of the global lockdowns. China’s manufacturing PI is 51.4 in October and 51.5, showing consistency across its business segments. The domestic non-manufacturing PMI is 56.2 in the month of October. The recovery momentum has more or less state, and service continues to improve further. Services and consumption is going to be the areas that deliver most of the recovery. The slow firms have been hit hard by covid 19 as they have their profits are based on running orders. In China, SMEs are struggling for some time, and some consolidation is expected in that space.

The hardest industry is hotels and restaurants are people keep ordering food online or getting things from groceries store to cook at home. This has impacted cafeterias and small restaurants, particularly. The state of Florida is the largest consumer of the crab, has badly impacted.

As a note of summary, the elections in the USA are particularly going to affect Iran. There have been several sanctions on Iran due to conflicting relations between the USA and Iran and other allies of Iran.

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