Investment Companies Based in Luxemburg - Invesco Funds, Investing for Development, Selectra Investments Sicav

Three Investment Companies Based in Luxemburg  

In this article, we provide readers with information on three well-known companies based in Luxemburg. Here, we mainly focus on their activities and services.


Invesco Funds is an independent investment management firm that offers client services. Currently, they boast managing their clients’ assets worldwide worth of $1.2 Billion. They have a strong balance sheet and solid financials and their management team has a solid track record. In vestment is their sole focus and their investment capabilities are very diverse and covers: equity, fixed income and money market, and balanced. Here is a summary of their most important services:

  • Experts on managing investments with excellent knowledge of asset classes and investment styles tailored to the needs of clients based on their geographical requirements. They have 8,000 employers to cater to their clients’ needs.    
  • With branches and physical presence in 25 countries across the world, they have reduced their distance from their clients and offer face-to-face services. Experts knowledgeable on global/regional capabilities across diverse asset classes offer the company’s services through asset vehicles.         
  1. Investing for Development 

This Luxemburg-based company offers services on developing investments worldwide. They have a skilled workforce who have the experience of working in frontier markets, deal structuring, impact assessment, and FX risk management. This has amounted to closing 150 debt and equity deals.  Luxemburg enjoys a sustainable finance ecosystem and Investing for Development has worked closely with both public and private companies in order to make most of this environment and make an impact in their expertise area. They have experts in impact assessment and consider it as an inseparable part of the investment in all stages.

One of the outstanding aspects of their work is their huge effort in transferring funds to underdeveloped areas in the world. This has become possible through adopting innovative financing. With ten years of experience, they have considered the most important social and environmental concerns in areas with development challenges and have managed to provide their investors with returns. This way, they have also contributed to human development in European overseas countries. Alleviation of poverty by empowering locals and encouraging entrepreneurship among them has been a major result of this measurement.

They also provide funds for sustainable forestry practices. These will lead to generating economic and ecological values, plus social values that will result in local economic development. Another advantage of this funding is contributing to climate change mitigation and developing healthy landscapes. Locals with viable enterprises willing to contribute to local economic development and investors interested in innovative climate financing can engage in these projects. 

  1. SELECTRA Investments Sicav

Based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, this investment management company is focused on providing consulting services to their clients. Their main aim is to provide higher returns to their clients based on their portfolio and stocks in various fields such as pharma and biotechnology. These are of course newly emerged markets and are highly in demand, therefore, having experts to manage investments in these fields is of particular interest among stockholders in these fields. Their experts have deep insights into these markets and their main aim is to channel their investors’ capitals into the development of products in these areas. For this purpose, they identify companies working on the most promising projects in these fields and actively select their stocks. They target companies active in biotechnology and pharma areas listed on Nasdaq and NYSE. 

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