Stock Exchange NameOpening Hours(GMT)Closing Hours(GMT)
Bombay Stock Exchange3.30 AM9.30AM
National Stock Exchange3.30 AM9.30AM
New Zealand Stock Market22:005:00
Australian Securities Exchange0:006:00
Tokyo Stock Exchange0:006:00
Korea Stock Exchange0:006:30
Bursa Malaysia1:009:00
Singapore Exchange1:009:00
Taiwan Stock Exchange1:005:30
Hong Kong Futures Exchange1:158:30
Hong Kong Stock Exchange1:308:00
Shanghai Stock Exchange1:307:00
Shenzhen Stock Exchange1:307:00
Philippine Stock Exchange1:307:30
Indonesia Stock Exchange2:009:00
Hochiminh Stock Exchange2:007:45
Hanoi Stock Exchange2:007:45
Stock Exchange of Thailand3:009:30
Colombo Stock Exchange4:009:00
Chittagong Stock Exchange4:008:30
Dhaka Stock Exchange4:008:30
Pakistan Stock Exchange4:3010:30
Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange5:0014:00
Tehran Stock Exchange5:309:00
Armenia Securities Exchange6:0011:00
Nairobi Securities Exchange6:3012:00
Saudi Stock Exchange7:0012:00
Borsa Istanbul7:0015:00
Moscow Exchange7:0015:45
Johannesburg Stock Exchange7:0015:00
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange7:0015:30
Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra)7:0019:00
Eurex Exchange7:0021:00
Beirut Stock Exchange7:3010:30
Wiener Börse AG7:5516:35
Egyptian Exchange8:0012:30
Helsinki Stock Exchange8:0016:30
Ukrainian Exchange8:0015:00
Riga Stock Exchange8:0014:00
Tallinn Stock Exchange8:0014:00
NASDAQ OMX Vilnius8:0014:00
Bucharest Stock Exchange8:0015:45
Amman Stock Exchange8:0010:00
Warsaw Stock Exchange8:0016:00
Budapest Stock Exchange8:0016:00
Euronext Paris8:0016:30
Berne eXchange8:0015:30
Swiss Exchange8:0016:30
Spanish Stock Exchange8:0016:30
Milan Stock Exchange8:0016:35
Euronext Amsterdam8:0016:40
Euronext Brussels8:0016:30
Luxembourg Stock Exchange8:0016:35
Stockholm Stock Exchange8:0016:30
Oslo Stock Exchange8:0015:30
Copenhagen Stock Exchange8:0016:00
London Stock Exchange8:0016:30
Euronext Lisbon8:0016:30
Irish Stock Exchange8:0016:30
Casablanca Stock Exchange8:1015:55
Malta Stock Exchange8:3011:30
Nigerian Stock Exchange9:0015:00
Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo13:0020:00
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Exchange13:0020:00
Buenos Aires Stock Exchange14:0020:00
Jamaica Stock Exchange13:0017:00
New York Stock Exchange13:3020:00
Toronto Stock Exchange13:3021:00
Mexican Stock Exchange14:3021:00

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