Below are the is of companies that were recently listed under Swiss Stock Exchange,

  • RenoNorden ASA   
  • RAK Petroleum plc   
  • Entra ASA   
  • XXL ASA XXL   
  • Scatec Solar ASA   
  • Aker Solutions ASA   
  • Aurora LPG Holding ASA  
  • Aqualis Offshore Holding ASA   
  • Serendex Pharmaceuticals A/S SENDEX  
  • Havyard Group ASA   
  • Cxense ASA  
  • NEXT Biometrics Group ASA  
  • Zalaris ASA   
  • Magseis ASA  
  • African Petroleum Corporation Limited  
  • Avance Gas Holding Ltd.   
  • Scanship Holding ASA  
  • Vardia Insurance Group   
  • Tanker Investments Ltd

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