Will Logistics Companies In Stock Market Ever Rule the World?

Logistic companies in the stock market have become more valuable than ever. Considering the global economic impact of Covid-19, logistic companies playing a crucial role in delivering medical supplies, equipment, and packages.

Whether it is the door to door, or commercial shipments, the Logistics companies form the complex pattern of traffic and shipments, transporting and receiving the goods and materials. They did not stop import and export operations when global lockdowns were imposed. During Covid-19, logistics companies performed a key role in warehousing, inventory distribution, and customer service.

Supply and chain management has become the backbone of wide-scale transportation business during the global pandemic. Even developed countries struggled to cope with the sudden spike in supply and demand of Anti-malarial drugs like hydroxychloroquine. Passenger airlines turned into the courier of vaccine and medicines. It has given abundant opportunities for investment in logistics companies. In recent months, Several Small to Medium enterprises has registered in logistic segments as the demand sore for shipping and transportation. Followings the list of major Logistics Companies listed in Indian stock markets, i.e. Bombay Stock Exchange, and National Stock Exchange.

TCI Express is one of the leading logistic company in India. Currently, it is trading at Rs 964 (15th Jan 2021). The company is listed on the National stock exchange. 52 week high is Rs4,299.00 and 52 weeks low is Rs 4,299.00

Container Corporation of India is another valuable company in the Logistics segments. Currently share price is trading 436 as of January 15th, 2021. 52 week high is 602.20, and price to earnings ratio is 67.53%. 52 week low is Rs263.40.

BLUEDART is known for its efficient and large logistics network. In the National stock exchange, BLUEDART is trading at Rs3912(January 15th, 2021). Even during the Corona pandemic, the company has ensured safe and rapid delivery of all necessary shipments. Also, BLUEDART promised the fast delivery of billions of Covid-19 vaccine doses for large-scale immunization.

Allcargo Logistics is another key logistics company in the Indian Shipping and transportation market. They enable a supply chain management solution that caters to logistics services across 150+ countries. Currently, AllCargo is trading at Rs133, which is close to its 52 high Rs155.00. 52 weeks was 48.60. cargo has a market capitalization of Rs 3,281 Crore.

VRL Group is based in Hubballi, Karnataka. It operates logistics services across 23 states and 4 union territories in India only. The current share price of VRL is Rs88. The 52 week high is 103.90 and 52 weeks low is 21.50. VRL groups have a market capital of Rs28 Crore.

The government of India is expecting to make some policy changes in transport segments, however, nothing is confirmed yet. The government discussing rolling out the new policy in the last week of January 2021 that will aim to bring down logistics expenses by 5%. This may affect in a good or bad way for Logistics companies in the Indian stock market.


Investment in logistic companies is a good long term option. Because regardless of the global lockdown in the pandemic, the transportation of medicines and essential commodities is necessary and cannot be stopped. Government policies can play a crucial role in determining the success of logistics companies at global and domestic levels. If anyone want to hold some shares in a logistics company, then he/she would keenly watch the upcoming budget session for sure.

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