Global market analysis 27th feb 2020

Good morning traders. Let us look at some of the interesting stocks and facts for the day.

After making up and down rides during the day, the Dow is running at a negative price at -250. Most importantly, Brent crude has fallen to the level of $52 per barrel. Additionally, In US SAP, the energy sector is mostly badly hit sector. Adding insult to the injury, it close to close to more than 1% yesterday. In US stocks, L Brands (NYSE: LB) posted a periodically earning of 1.88% per share. Apart from his, there are new deaths and confirmed cases of corona-virus across the globe.

Bata India already broke its 8 and 34 moving average and going for aggravating fall. It would be a good idea to sell if we can see more consolidation at the 1600 levels.

Bata Indian technical chart

Can Fin Home purely running in the consolidated zone and we can see further upside if the market trend does not pull nifty stocks. Even global market cues are running low, the stock has not fallen in last week.

CAN FIN HOME technical chart

Bergerpaint is perfectly following 8 EMA and 34 EMA trend-line. We can expect further bounce if stock rallies with bigger volume candles.

Berger paint technical chart

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