In this article, we will calculate annualized compounding returns of companies in India’s Cement Sector that are listed in National Stock Exchange. Following calculation is based on simple compounding return rate formula.

I have included the companies companies, that were regularly traded in Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. If you don’t see desired company name, then it means it is not included due to insufficient data.

ScriptAnnualized Compounding Returns in Last 1 year (percentage)
ACC        -1.99401
AMBUJACEM  -2.27174
APCL       -4.25425
DALBHARAT  -4.70769
DECCANCE   -3.78869
HIL        -5.13863
INDIACEM   -2.19008
JKCEMENT   -3.285
KAKATCEM   -3.44613
KCP        -2.82643
MANGALAM   -13.0242
NCLIND     -6.67198
ORIENTCEM  -1.20329
RAMCOCEM   -2.77385
SAGCEM     -4.82922
SANGHIIND  -2.8327
SHREECEM   -0.82274
VISAKAIND  -3.93388
Cement Sector Annual Returns

In Summary, The India Cements Sector Annual Compounding Returns in the aforementioned table clearly suggest that Cement sector failed to give positive returns in last one year. Please contact me on, if you want to understand, how this calculation is made.

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